Zoe Cottontail is a NPC character from the Game Boy Advance version of Jazz Jackrabbit.


Zoe is a mechanic who works at the Weapons Depot. Jazz has a crush on her, but she usually ignore his advances. Halfway through the game she becomes a distressed damsel, as Dark Shell kidnaps her to attract Jazz into a trap. As it turned out, however, she was locked in a cage without a lock (similar to the one used by the chameleons), meaning she could've escaped anytime she wanted, though she never does it since then Jazz wouldn't have much of a reason to go after Dark Shell.

Zoe appears as a pink rabbit wearing a blue jeans mechanic gear and sporting long brownish hair.



  • Zoe's design differs greatly on her field sprite and her cutscene portraits. While on the portraits she has a human-like face on her sprites she more closely resembles Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons.
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