Uterus is the boss of the Beach level from Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


Uterus appears as a floating green clam with tentacles on the bottom. Once it opens up, it reveals the creature on the inside, a pink flesh mass with a face and a pair of crab pincers. Naturally Uterus can only be hurt when the shell is open.

Uterus's first attack is to summon a shield of pink ball which rotate around him and shoot at the player. By shooting the balls they will reveal Crabs which can be destroyed. Once all crabs are defeated Uterus will actively pursue the player around the screen.


Uterus bETA
  • Uterus's initial attack pattern is similar to that of the boss Tutankhamon from Life Force.
  • A few unused sprites of Uterus's early design can be found on the game's data, where the boss appears as just a floating ball without the clam opening in the middle.
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