Turtle Trooper is an enemy from the GBA version of Jazz Jackrabbit.


Turtle Troopers appear as bipedal turtles wearing a white uniform and carrying machine guns. They patrol the areas of Icebox3 and Pollutus, shooting Jazz from a distance when spotting him. Though not as versatile as the Saurian Mercenaries, they can crouch and shoot diagonally and move faster than the Saurians, giving them a bit of an edge in combat.

Turtle Troopers can be found in three varieties: green, blue and yellow, each version being tougher than the last, with the yellow trooper being able to sustain a lot of firepower. You can also expect to find the Turtle Troopers in large numbers, easily overwhelming the player if he's not careful.



  • The Turtle Troopers are an obvious parody of the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise.
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