Technoir is the second level of the episode Ballistic Bunny from Jazz Jackrabbit.


Bathed in a choking red atmosphere, this planet has NO plant life upon it. In fact, the turtles are the only organic creatures here. They have secured their areas with tanks, missiles, and floating mines. Be very careful, it's a war zone out there!


Technoir is filled with enemies everywhere, be it the rocket-riding Misfires, the pineapple-shooting Tankety Tanks or the floating Technoir Mines. Besides the enemies, you'll also have to deal with conveyor belts and moving springboards. You can find the first packs of TNT in the game here as well.

To the right of the exit sign on the second area you can find a hidden passage which will take you to a secret level. In this area you can find the first spring shoes in the game, in a secret wall to the left at the beginning, which will allow you to jump higher and are required to navigate this level. There are no enemies here, as this is basically a area to collect items, mostly scoring ones but you can also find TNT packs and a Hip Hop.

Map for TechnoirEdit