The TNT is a weapon from Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

Perhaps the most powerful weapon in Jazz's arsenal. Collect floating charges to stock up on it. A very rare item hidden in several planets, it will eradicate all enemies within range in a brilliant flash of light!

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

TNT is the ultimate trap weapon. Place some behind some scenery and watch your foe go KABLOOEY when he comes in contact with it. This powerful explosive can also be triggered by shooting it. Try setting up amazing chain reactions with TNT.


In the first game the TNT works as a smart bomb, detonating as soon as it is triggered and damaging all enemies on the screen.

In the second game it was changed into a timed bomb which is set in place, detonating after a while or when an enemy makes contact with it, creating a blast radius which will damage any enemy close to it.


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