Spark is an enemy from the Jazz Jackrabbit series.


  • Spark: Similar to the famous "Will-o-the-wisps" but a lot faster and a lot meaner. Don't turn your back on them for a second!
  • Super Spark: Remember the sparks? Devan liked the job they did, so he enlisted their evil cousins! These guys are FIERCE and will stop at nothing to zap Jazz's furry butt! Keep moving and you MIGHT survive!


Sparks are basically large floating eyes with electricty around them. They will hover in place and do nothing at all, only moving after the player when he turns his back to them. They first appear in Tubelectric and later in Megairbase, where they move faster than before.

The sparks return in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, where they behave in much the same way.



  • The Sparks behaviour is identical to the Boos from the Super Mario Bros. series.
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