Scraparap is the second level of the episode Rabbit's Revenge from Jazz Jackrabbit.


This is the junkyard of the universe. Here, the turtles are stealing metal and parts for their battleships with robotic droids. Destroy everything that moves, beware of the electro-magnets, and you might survive to find... DEVAN'S MEGAIRBASE!


Scraparap is one of the hardest levels in the game, as you have to watch for quite a lot of stuff, including huge magnets on the walls and ceilings which will attract Jazz, spiked traps, destructible blocks, crashed rockets on the ground whose fire engines can harm you, spheric platforms which shoot from the ground and the various enemies all over the place.

The first area has two separate routes the player can take, the easier one upwards and the harder one downwards. The second area starts in a huge maze with lots of weapon pickups, with it's exit leading into a high-speed corridor, which itself leads into a vertical hoverboard area. To the right of the exit sign you can find a secret level, this one being a very simple left-to-right area with many weapon pickups laying around.

Map for ScraparapEdit