The Schwarzenguard is a recurring enemy from the Jazz Jackrabbit series.


Devan's meanest and dumbest guards will shoot each other if they don't get you first!


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

Schwarzenguards appear as bulky and tall armored turtles with purple shells who carry a backpack and a laser gun. They slowly walk left and right and occasionally shoot at the player. They take quite a few shots to be defeated, so taking it slowly is recommended.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

The Schwarzenguards return but come unarmed this time, only causing collision damage if the player gets close. They're much thougher this time, however.

A stronger version named Schwartzenguard appears as the boss of the second level in the game.



  • Schwarzenguard roughly translates as "Black Guard" from German.
  • Despite their manual description claiming they can shoot each other that doesn't actually happen in the game.
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