Schwartzenguard is the boss of the Carrotus level from Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


This flailerang throwing Boss is the roughest and toughest of Devan’s turtle guards. You’ll have to keep on your toes with this one! His Achilles’ heel is having to wait for his flailerang to return to him before he can come after you. Timing and speed is critical if you are to defeat him.


This boss is a tougher variation of the regular Schwarzenguard, differentiated mainly by his silver, spiked shell. He carries a spiked morning star/flail which he uses as his main method of attacking, functioning as a boomerang-like throwing weapon which he throws at the player and returns to him after a second or so.

It is very easy to exploit this boss' attacking pattern, since he fixes on the player's position when he readies the attack. You can easily move away or jump over him before he throws his weapon and he will miss, giving the player plenty of opportunity to shoot him down.


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