RF Missile

The RF Missile is a weapon from Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

Find GREEN ORBS to fuel the super-fast RF MISSILE! The RF Missile fires TWO shots at once in a "V" path. Great all-purpose shot for hitting foes above and below.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

Really Fast Missiles fire in a V shape from your gun and can do immense damage to even the strongest Shell minion. However, this weapon is not very useful at close range, as it can bounce you into baddies. Power this gun up for red missiles that shoot three at a time. You will find few weapons more devastating than this.


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

The RF Missile shoots two missiles which travel in a V arc, each missile getting farther from the other the farther they travel. It is a very strong weapon, especially in close range, as it will deal double the damage if the two missiles connect at the same time, making it especially useful against bosses.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

The RF Missile works the same way as it did in the first game and is still as powerful, however it is much less useful since it's explosion will now cause knockback if the player is close to it's radius, making it impossible to use it on close range. When upgraded it will shoot three missiles at once instead of two, though it's firepower remains relatively the same.


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