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Lori Jackrabbit is Jazz and Spaz's sister, and a new playable character introduced in the Secret Files and Christmas Chronicles expansions for Jazz Jackrabbit 2. She was created by Dean Dodrill (a.k.a "Noogy") and Jon MacLellan.


According to Dean Dodrill, Lori was originally meant to be a distant cousin of Eva Earlong. A prototype of the character originally appears at the ending of Jazz 2 as a buck-toothed female rabbit whom Spaz falls in love with. Dean thought she would make a good playable character for the then to-be-released Secret Files add-on, so he redesigned the character to look more cute in contrast to the goofy-looking character in the ending.

Dean originally planned to keep her as Spaz's love interest, but due to a miscommunication between Dean and Jon she was written in as Jazz and Spaz’s long lost sister. Dean Dodrill has expressed that he did not like the story direction that was taken to introducing her into the series.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lori appears as a yellow rabbit with long hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a two-piece purple gym-suit. According to Dean Dodrill, Lori is a passive character who likes to paint and practice athletics. She loves both of her brothers, and is more than willing to join them in their fight against Devan Shell.

Lori was supposedly born on March 13, 1982 (though her date of creation was March 13, 1998).


Lori's moveset is pretty much a combination of Jazz's and Spaz's movesets. She can use Jazz's Helicopter Ears to float in the air, as well as a spinning kick similar to Spaz's Sidekick move, which has a shorter range but allows her to hit multiple enemies.

Due to a developer's oversight, Lori was not given any sort of high jumping ability like her brothers, and because of this many of the regular stages are impossible to complete with her.


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