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Lizard Goon is an enemy from Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


Jazz Jackrabbit[]

Originally appearing in the Deserto level, the Lizard Goons appear as green, tall bipedal lizards. All they do is rush forward, being fast and often appearing in large numbers.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2[]

The Lizard Goons return in the sequel, where they now have a yellow skin with red stripes on the back. They're recurring enemies in the game, now moving about on platforms at a slower pace. Some of them fly on helicopter backpacks, floating about until the player gets in range so they can toss a bomb. If the backpack is destroyed they'll fall to the ground and act like a regular Goon, but if the player kills the Goon floating the backpack will be left behind, which the player can then use by himself.


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