JJ2 Let's play Jazz Jackrabbit 2 version 1.00h

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 had a development cycle of two years and a half, during which time Epic Megagames sent development versions to beta testers. Some of these early beta builds were leaked to the public.

OEM Versions[edit | edit source]

Water looks very transparent on Jazz Jackrabbit 2 1.00g/h versions.

These beta versions were originally distributed alongside Intel's manufactured hardware, as a result of a partnership between Epic and Intel. While most people who acquired these versions assumed they were the same as the retail release, they were actually builds from halfway through the game's development.

Two OEM versions exist: 1.00g, which is the most common, and 1.00h. These versions have quite a lot of differences compared to the final release, such as different file formats, many levels use different tilesets or are in different orders, many sound effects weren't coded yet into the game, different screens for loading and menus and different and/or glitchy physics for wepaons and objects.

One interesting difference in these builds is that the Soda Pop and Soft Drink items had Coca Cola and Pepsi logos on them respectively, something that was likely changed in the retail release to avoid copyright issues.

1.10o[edit | edit source]

This early alpha was sent by Epic to various Dutch magazines for early press coverage and leaked in 2004 by the son of a former employee of now defunct Eigen PC magazine. This build is very unstable, but came with it's own version of the Jazz Creation Studio.

Early Prototype[edit | edit source]

Never released to public and there are few screenshots. Some of the stages, most notably Diamondus, used different tilesets.

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