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Jazz's Sons are unused characters which would have appeared in the cancelled Jazz Jackrabbit 3. The sons of Jazz Jackrabbit and Eva Earlong, they would get kidnapped by Devan Shell to be used on his Dreamidifier machine, setting up the game's plot into motion. Each of their dreams would serve as one of the game's levels.

  • Homey: The eldest son and also the most down to Earth, making him the least imaginative of the children. His dream is a alternative, twisted version of Carrotus.
  • Teknika: The second oldest child, she loves technology and gadgetry. Her dream is her own vision of Tubelectric.
  • Coldano: He loves cold and likes to play with ice cubes. Because of this he dreams of a cold, nightly place called Nightfrost.
  • Frizzle: Likes sunny weather and hot climates. He dreams of a desert area with pyramids and savannas called Diabolizz.
  • Waverly: She loves water and swimming. She dreams of a oceanic area called Swirlpool.
  • Hiphop: The youngest son and also the most imaginative, he loves music food. He dreams of a musical place called Superburger.