Industrius is the second level of the episode Outta Dis World from Jazz Jackrabbit.


Industrius design is mostly linear, with a few vertical areas where you must jump on fast retreating platforms and a return of the tubes from Tubelectric. This is a very tough level, however, mostly due to the presence of the Hyper Tanketys, which not only are large and fast but will be also constantly shooting at Jazz from a distance, often from off-screen. Close to the second area's end you have to ride on missiles to cross a wide section with spiked floor.


  • Throughout the level there are various billboards advertising Epic Pinball and One Must Fall, two previous Epic titles, as well as advertisements for the Gravis PC Gamepad.
  • One of the billboards found in the level parodies the Coca-Cola logo, but with Epic's name on it.

Map for IndustriusEdit