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Holidaius is a level exclusive to the Holiday Hare 94 expansion of the first Jazz Jackrabbit.


Holidaius is a appropriately-themed christmas level. Unlike other levels, Holidaius has three areas very different from each other and each with it's own enemies. Each area is also set during a different time of the day (morning, afternoon and night respectively).

The first area is a large open field with different routes you can take, all patrolled by Snow Mongrels and Ski Turtles. The second area is more linear, with various teleporters taking you to different parts of the stage and white Monkeys running around. The third area is more vertical, with Christmas Devils and Grabbers ready to surprise you.


  • Jazz has a unique idle animation in this stage, where he tries covering himself with his arms from the cold.
  • The music in the first two areas is a remix of Jingle Bells, while the music in the third area is a remix of Silent Night.

Map for HolidaiusEdit