The Hip Hops are supporting characters from the Jazz Jackrabbit series

Description Edit

These half-pheasant/half-eagles have been captured by Devan and his turtle goons. If Jazz frees one, it will aid him until the next time he take damage.

The turtles have a particular taste for bird so they have captured these rare half-pheasant/half-eagles for supper. If Jazz frees one of them by shooting its cage, the bird will be Jazz's companion until Jazz is hit by a baddie. Hip hops will fire at will, destroying all who attempt to harm their savior Jazz!


Hip Hops serve to give the player support fire, acting like drones flying above the player's head. To obtain them, the player must shoot the cage they're trapped in. When the player gets hurt, the Hip Hop gets scared away. The only way to get him back is by getting another bird.

The Hip Hop is also a playable character in the second game. However, when being played as, he cannot shoot, but unlike the ordinary Hip Hop he has a 'missile' mode. By pressing control, the player can shoot him horizontally across an area fairly quickly. By pressing the down arrow with the control key, he can also divebomb as well.


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