Deserto is the second level of the episode Wild Wabbit from Jazz Jackrabbit.


Deserto is a simple, straightforward level. The path to the end is made tougher, however, by the presence of the fast-moving Lizard Goons and the stationery Desert Demons which will be constantly shooting at Jazz.

The stage's secret level can be found at the end of the first area, to the left of the exit sign. In order to reach it, you must destroy the blocks protecting the blue springboard to the right of the exit sign, the use it to reach the top of the wall to the left and destroy the blocks protecting the secret passage halfway through the wall. This secret level is unique in that you control a Lizard Goon instead of Jazz, though there are no enemies and the path is completely linear, with lots of items to be collected.

Map for DesertoEdit


  • Deserto literally means desert in Portuguese.