Dark Shell is the main villain in the Game Boy Advance version of Jazz Jackrabbit, acting as a replacement for Devan Shell.


Dark Shell has a comical Darth Vader-esque appearance, with a huge red button on his chest and "DO NOT PRESS" written in huge letters on it's side. His face sticks out of his helmet, showing he wears glasses similar to Devan Shell.


Dark Shell is a galactic conqueror who once tried to take over Jazz's home planet of Carrotus. His plans were thwarted by Jazz, who destroyed Dark Shell's giant spaceship. Since Dark Shell was inside of the ship at the time of the explosion, everyone believed him to have died, but as it turned out he somehow escaped the explosion unscathed.

Before resuming his plans for galactic domination, Dark Shell regroups his forces and enacts a revenge plan against Jazz. In order to attract Jazz into a trap he hires the Saurian Mercenaries to attack Carrotopolis and later has his troops moving to the desolate planet Icebox3, where Jazz is pitted against the Abominable Snow Turtle. As Jazz escapes from Icebox3, Dark Shell finally reveals himself and contacts Jazz, revealing he has kidnapped Zoe Cottontail. After Jazz investigates the turtle's mech factory in Pollutus, Dark Shell once again contacts him, challenging him to a fight on his homeworld of Chelonia IV. Jazz defeats Dark Shell and rescues Zoe, though she didn't really need rescuing since her cage didn't have a lock.



Dark Shell has the same abilities as Jazz, being able to run and jump around. He will alternate between firing machine gun shots and firing a homing missile. When he fires the homing missile he will stop to laugh, and if you shoot him during this animation his pants will fall off, stunning him and giving plenty of opportunity to shoot him down. While the fight isn't complicated Dark Shell has very high health, so this is a good opportunity to unload all of your most powerful weapons on him.


  • Dark Shell closely resembles Dark Helmet, the main villain from the Star Wars spoof movie Spaceballs.
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