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Bumbling Bee is an enemy in the Jazz Jackrabbit series.


  • Bumbling Bee: Oversized bees that have enormous eyes for finding Jazz and sharp stingers for when they do locate him! Ouch!
  • Super-Bee: Remember all of those bees that you blew up in Diamondus? They're back, and they're mad! Devan has outfitted them with guns and turbo-butts, so they can attack twice as well!


Jazz Jackrabbit[]

Bumbling Bees appear as large bees with oversized eyes. They will only fly left and right. The Super-Bees on Battleships can move twice as fast and can also shoot at Jazz.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2[]

The Bumbling Bees will now hover in place, attacking the player if he gets close and returning to their previous position when the player moves away. They will be constantly respawned by beehives, so watch out.


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