Bubba is a recuring boss from Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


Bubba appears as a red demon with a small body and large head. Bubba moves around by jumping, stopping only to attack. He has two attacks: he will either spit a fireball at the player or spin like a tornado and dash after the player.

Bubba is fought both at the end of the first area of the Inferno level and as the boss of the Shareware Demo episode, though he is considerably harder on the Inferno level due to the more cramped arena and the hazardous lava on the floor.


  • Bubba's spinning tornado attack is reminiscent of the signature tornado animation used by Taz from Looney Tunes.
  • A few unused sprites can be found on the game's data of Bubba turning into a angelic ghost. These were originally meant to be used as a defeat animation, as the game devs originally planned for all bosses to have those, though only Bubba had his animation sprited.


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