The Bouncer, also known as Launcher, is a weapon from Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

Find BLUE ORBS to fuel the crazy LAUNCHER! The BBT Launcher is made up of a TOP SECRET new substance similar to plastic explosives. However, instead of plastic explosive, the LAUNCHER is made of a RUBBER EXPLOSIVE! It bounces along a horizontal path until it comes to a slope and will destroy all in its way.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

This gun shoots rubbery bullets made from a special plastic that gives them so much elasticity they almost appear to be alive. They are tough to aim and even harder to predict, but enemies that get in the way of their frenzied flight are in for a thrashing. Power this gun up, and your bullets turn purple and bounce further, faster, longer!


The Bouncer fires bullets which will bounce on the ground and ricochet on walls. While not very useful on fast moving or flying enemies it is perfect to hit small enemies on the ground or enemies in hard to reach spots like alcoves.

In the second game it works in the same way as in the first game. When powered up, the bullets become faster and will partially aim onto enemies.


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