The Blaster is a weapon from the Jazz Jackrabbit series.


Jazz JackrabbbitEdit

The basic, wimpy weapon. Jazz has unlimited ammunition of this tiny bullet. Find some better ammunition FAST or Jazz will be a goner!

Jazz Jackrabbbit 2Edit

Both Jazz and Spaz begin the game with this trusty gun. The Blaster fires a quick and precise, albeit not particulalrly powerful, bullet. Power this gun up and it turns white and does more damage. The Blaster can be especially lethal if you collect enough FastFire guns!


Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2Edit

The Blaster is the game's most basic weapon, being always available to the player. It is a basic pea shooter with infinite ammo, initially having a very slow rate of fire which depends mostly on how fast the player can press the fire button. By picking the Rapid Fire pickups on the stages (or dropped by enemies in the case of the second game) the player will be able to constantly fire by holding the fire button, the rate of fire depending on how many pickups the player obtained.

Jazz Jackrabbit (GBA)Edit

On the GBA game the Blaster was changed from a pea shooter to a uzi-like weapon, though it still serves as the game's standard weapon. It will fire a constant stream of shots as long as the fire button is pressed, though with a delay between shots, making it obsolete as you obtain other weapons like the Machine Gun.


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