Jazz 2 Bilsy Boss

Bilsy is the boss of The Christmas Chronicles episode from Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


Bilsy appears as a tall, red-skinned humanoid demon, wearing gray pants and a large cape. He won't actually move, waiting on his spot until the player gets into his range to shoot a homing fireball before teleporting away to another spot. The fireball is difficult to dodge, since it follows the player's movement and is relatively fast, detonating when it hits or after a while. The safest way to avoid the fireball is to hold the run button and jump over it to the other side of the screen.

There are two plataforms in the arena, with lots of RF Missile ammo pickups which the player may use in the fight, though that is not recommeneded since you need to get close to the boss for the weapon to be effective and the knockback will stun the player, making it harder to avoid the boss attack.



  • Bilsy was originally a unused boss from the regular game which got recycled for the Christmas Chronicles release.
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