Battleships is the third level of the episode The Final Clash from Jazz Jackrabbit.


The turtles have built their crafts of destruction! A pair of ENORMOUS battleships loom in the distance, armed to the teeth and ready to fight! Jazz must pilot his AirBoard, find a way into each ship, and destroy the central CPUs. Beware of Hyper-Bees, Generators, and Armor-Doofi!


You'll start both areas of this stage on a hoverboard outside of the battleships. Your objective is to find the battleship's entrance and infiltrate it, then navigate the battleship's inside and destroy the CPU Monitor at the end. The path is protected by Generators and Super-Bees which will be constantly shotting at you, as well as Bounce Spikes and Armor-Doofi both outside and inside the ships.

You can easily find a bonus stage warp right at the beginning of the first area by simply moving to the southeastern-most portion of the screen, thus allowing you to skip the first area entirely.

Map for BattleshipsEdit