Arjan Brussee (born 1972) is a Dutch videogame programmer who works for Epic Games. He is one of the masterminds behind the Jazz Jackrabbit series alongside Cliff Bleszinski and is also responsible for the Killzone series, which he worked on at Guerilla Games.

Arjan began his career as a member of the Ultra Force demoscene group, where he worked on the Vectordemo demo. He eventually became a software developer and joined Epic, where he worked as the lead developer for Jazz Jackrabbit. He later left Epic and founded Orange Games, which merged with another company to become Guerilla Games. In 2012 he left Guerilla to join the EA studio Visceral Games, which he also left in 2014 to co-found Boss Key Productions along with Cliffy B. In December of 2017 he returned to Epic, where he now works on Fortnite.

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