The Abominable Snow Turtle is the boss of the Icebox3 level in Jazz Jackrabbit (GBA).


The Abominable Snow Turtle appears as a giant, white-furred bipedal walking turtle. His only attack is to swipe it's claw when Jazz gets close. The main obstacle in this fight is that the boss is impervious to all weapons, so in order to beat him you'll have to roast him with the engine of Jazz's ship. To do that, you have to attract him close to the engine then pull one of the levers on the floor to activate it. After you do that, however, you must climb the arena to activate the two levers on the top in order to reactivate the ones on the floor. Every time you activate the floor levers a few Turtle Troopers will respawn on the platforms. Close to the top levers you can find ammunition for the Machine Gun and Carrot Grenades.

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